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Wisconsin Registered Agent Services (7)

Updated on May 1, 2024

A Wisconsin registered agent is authorized to receive official documents on behalf of a corporation, either by delivery service or e-mail.[1] The agent’s duties include forwarding these documents to the corporation and ensuring they are properly received. Every corporation in Wisconsin is required to maintain a registered agent.[2]

Top Registered Agents (7)

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Registered Agent Search

Step 1 – Visit the Department of Financial Institutions’ Corporate Records Search page. Click on “Advanced Search.”

Step 2 – Select “Registered Agents. Enter the agent’s name, which should be exact. Click “Search Records.”

Step 3 – Click on the entity name associated with the correct agent.

Step 4 – Review information about the agent, including a name and address.

Who can be a Registered Agent?

A registered agent can be an individual residing in Wisconsin or an entity, including a corporation, nonprofit, limited liability company, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership. Foreign entities are also eligible if they are authorized to transact business in the state.

An agent must have an e-mail address and a physical business office address, which will double as the corporation’s registered office address.[3]

Can I be a Registered Agent?

Yes, if you have an e-mail address and a business office in Wisconsin. Most entities designate their registered agents by naming them in the document filed at the time of formation. To form an entity in Wisconsin, visit One Stop Business Registration.

Changing a Registered Agent

To change its registered agent, a corporation can deliver a Statement of Change to the Department of Financial Institutions.[4]

Mail the completed form and a $25 payment for the filing fee to the  State of WI-Dept. of Financial Institutions Box 93348 Milwaukee WI 53293-0348 or deliver to Department of Financial Institutions Division of Corporate Consumer Services 4822 Madison Yards Way, North Tower Madison WI 53705.

Another means of changing a registered agent is to re-file the entity’s formation document.

Statement of Change

Download: PDF


Resigning as a Registered Agent

To resign, a registered agent can deliver a Statement of Resignation to the Department of Financial Institutions.[5] Include a $10 payment for the filing fee.

Once the statement is filed, the department will mail a copy to the corporation at its registered office. The resignation becomes effective 60 days after the statement is received or when a new agent is appointed, whichever comes first.

Statement of Resignation

Download: PDF



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