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Washington Registered Agent Services (7)

Updated on April 29, 2024

A Washington registered agent is a person or business authorized to receive official documents on behalf of a registered entity.[1] The agent must have a street address in Washington. Every corporation must continuously maintain a registered agent.[2]

Top Registered Agents (7)

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Harbor Compliance

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Northwest Registered Agent

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InCorp Services

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CT Corporation

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Washington Registered Agent

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*We collect affiliate fees from this company. Pricing is $99 for the first year and $199 for renewal.

Registered Agent Search

Step 1 – Visit the state’s Corporations and Charities Filing System.

Step 2 – Scroll down and click “Advanced Search.”

Step 3 – Search for the registered agent by name or address, then click “Search.”

Step 4 – Click the business name associated with the correct agent.

Step 5 – Review information about the agent, including name and address.

Who can be a Registered Agent?

A commercial registered agent is a corporation that files a listing on the Corporations and Filing System. A noncommercial agent can be any person or business with a Washington address who consents to receiving mail on behalf of a business.[3]

Can I be a Registered Agent?

Yes, if you consent to receive all legal mail on behalf of a business.[4]

Most businesses appoint their agents when they file their formation documents. To form a business in Washington, use the Business Licensing Wizard.

Changing a Registered Agent

To change the registered agent for a business registered with the Washington Secretary of State, file a Statement of Change online.[5] There is no filing fee. Another way to change the agent is to include a new agent’s information in an annual report.

Statement of Change

Download: PDF


Resigning as a Registered Agent

A registered agent may resign by delivering a completed Statement of Resignation to the Secretary of State.[6] A resignation statement can also be filed online using the Corporations and Charities Filing System (CCFS). There is no filing fee.

Statement of Resignation

Download: PDF



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