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South Carolina Registered Agent Services (7)

Updated on April 5, 2024

South Carolina registered agent is an individual or organization designated to receive official legal communications on behalf of a business. Corporations are required by law to have a registered agent with an office in the state.[1]

Top Registered Agents (7)

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Registered Agent Search

Step 1 – Visit the South Carolina Secretary of State’s Registered Agent Search and type the agent’s name in the search field.

Screenshot of the Secretary of State website search field.

Step 2 – The next page will show results. Click on an Entity Name for additional details.

Who can be a Registered Agent?

A registered agent must be a person who lives in the state, or a corporation, whose office is the same as the company’s registered place of business.[2]

Can I be my own Registered Agent?

Yes, a business owner can serve as their own registered agent so long as they meet the legal requirements of residency and having an office in the state.

Typically, one becomes a registered agent for their business by entering their name on the filing documents:

Changing or Updating a Registered Agent

To switch registered agents, a business must submit a Notice of Change form to the Secretary of State. The form must be signed by a manager, member, or fiduciary.[3]

  • Required Form: LLC Notice of Change (Form F0080)
  • Filing Fee: $10
  • Send to:
    •  Secretary of State
      Attn: Corporate Filings
      1205 Pendleton Street, Suite 525
      Columbia, SC 29201

LLC Notice of Change (Form F0080)

Download: PDF



Resigning as a Registered Agent

A registered agent can resign by filing a statement with the Secretary of State.[4] The resignation becomes effective 31 days after filing.[5]

LLC Resignation of Agent for Service of Process (Form F0080)

Download: PDF




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