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Georgia Registered Agent Services (7)

Updated on March 5, 2024

A Georgia registered agent is a person or corporation designated to receive official documents on behalf of a business in Georgia. The state’s Corporations Division refers to the agent as a corporation’s “mailbox.” Every entity in Georgia must have both a registered office and a registered agent.[1]

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Registered Agent Search

Step 1 – Navigate to the Business Search page on the Georgia Corporations Division website.

Step 2 – Click the circle beside “Registered Agent Name” and input the name of the appropriate agent. Click “Search.”

Step 3 – A list of registered agents will appear. Click on the name of the entity associated with the agent.

Step 4 – Review details about the agent and the corporation the agent represents, including its office address and registration status.

Who can be a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is designated by a corporation to receive all of its service of process, documents, and official communication.[2]

An agent must be either an individual or a corporation, either domestic or foreign, domiciled in Georgia.[3] The agent must also have a valid business address, as opposed to a post office box, identical to that of the corporation the agent represents. An entity cannot be its own agent and an owner, shareholder, or officer of an entity cannot be its agent either.[4]

Designating a Registered Agent

The simplest way for a corporation to designate a registered agent is to include the agent’s name and address in documents filed to form the entity.

To file these documents, visit the Secretary of State’s online services page and create a user account. Select “Create or register a business.” The filing fee is $100 and expedited filing costs either $100 or $250, depending on the additional amount of processing time requested.

Changing a Registered Agent

To change a corporation’s registered agent in Georgia, simply update the agent’s name in the documents filed to register the business annually. This is mandatory each year; a corporation that does not file an annual registration will be administratively dissolved.[5]To register, visit the Georgia Division of Corporations website. All entities are required to file their annual registration between January 1 and April 1.

Resigning as a Registered Agent

To resign as a registered agent in Georgia, file a Statement of Resignation (RA-1) form with the Secretary of State. Either deliver or mail the form to Office of Secretary of State, Corporations Division, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SE Suite 313 West Tower Atlanta, Georgia 30334. Include a $10 filing fee via either a money order or a check made out to “Secretary of State.”

A registered agent’s resignation becomes effective on the 31st day after filing or on the date the entity files its annual registration designating a new registered agent.

Registered Agent Statement of Resignation (Form RA-1)

Download: PDF



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